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With the growth of the  industrial sector due to the rapid development of the Ethiopian economy, the  Mohan Group of Companies decided to fortify its position as a leading supplier of plastic raw materials in the country. In 2006, Mohan PLC became the first manufacturer of  ethylene-vinyl-acetate [EVA] based compound granules in Ethiopia. Since then, Mohan PLC has added to its product range and can supply not only different grades of EVA compounds for the footwear and automotive industry but also different types of PVC compounds that can be used in various applications including footwear, cables, pipes, garden hoses, profiling, construction sector, automotive sector etc. We further added value to our market base by manufacturing Rubber Compounds and ENDURE® Compounds [a type of thermoplastic rubber]. which cater mostly to the  footwear, automotive and construction sectors.
In order to further satisfy our customers’ growing demands, Mohan PLC started  manufacturing different types of color master-batches for various applications.
As the packaging and the household furniture industry grew in Ethiopia, Mohan PLC became the first to  commercially manufacture and supply filler master-batches in Ethiopia.
In 2014, Mohan PLC entered the leather and synthetic  footwear manufacturing industry with a unique advantage of linkage. Mohan PLC manufactures compounds and components used in the footwear industry. We also support other export oriented footwear industries in Ethiopia by supplying various  components to them .
Mohan PLC is playing an important role in furthering the government policy of import substitution by  manufacturing all the above products, which were earlier imported from countries like India, China, Taiwan,  Singapore etc.

EVA Compounds

The EVA compound granules that we produce are primary focused for the footwear industry in Ethiopia. These compounds are suitable for high quality foamed injection molded slippers, sandals, mid soles, boots, automobile components, toys, and various other applications.

The EVA compounds that we manufacture are expandable and cross-likable. We also modify them with rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, impact modifiers, and other specialty polymers so that our customers get enhanced mechanical and processing qualities.

We choose the best quality of raw materials from internationally well- known companies to ensure the highest quality standards of our products.

We can customize our compounds to meet any special requirements of our customers. we provide technical support to our customers to ensure that they get the best results from our materials.



We produce Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) compounds that are applicable in diverse product ranges, including footwear, pipes, cables, garden hoses, and profiling. The compounds that we manufacture are suitable for both injection and extrusion machines. The compounds are formulated and produced in our modern manufacturing plant using state of the art technology.

Our range of PVC compounds includes:

  • Air blow compounds
  • Transparent/crystal compounds
  • Compounds for manufacturing pipe fittings
  • Shoes and sandals compounds
  • Compounds for manufacturing boots
  • Electric cables compounds
  • Compounds for manufacturing soles for leather and synthetic footwear
  • Compounds for manufacturing various types of seals
  • Compounds for manufacturing decorative articles
  • Various other PVC applications


Rubber Compound

We produce high quality rubber compounds that can be used in various key sectores of any economy. Our rubber compunds play a critical role in important and sensetive applications such as:

  • Automotive parts
    • Engine mounts
    • Seals and closures
  • Rubber sheets
    • Footwear
    • Rubber mats
  • Construction sector
    • Seals
    • Strips
  • Shoe soles for leather and synthetic footwear

Color Masterbatches

We produce quality color master batches that are customized to the needs of the convertors of PE, PP and PVC products. The different type of master batches that we produce includes:

  • Compact color masterbatches
  • Transparent/crystal masterbatches
  • Fluorescent masterbatches
  • Pearlised master batches
  • Night glow masterbatches
  • UV resistance color masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches


Mohan PLC manufactures quality filler masterbatches for the packaging and furniture industry for both extrusion and injection applications. these are the applications for the filler masterbatches that we can provide:

  • PP woven sacks
  • Blown film extrusion
  • Injected household products
  • Injection furniture products
  • PP strips for furniture and packaging
  • Other PP and PE extrusion and injection applications

Our filler masterbatch compounds are made with unique and innovative formulations that enhance our customers quality, production speed, and processing and mechanical properties of their applications.

Endure/ PPR Compunds

Mohan PLC has recently started the production of ENDURE, a type of a Thermoplastic Rubber, which can be used in various applications such as Footwear, automotive parts, construction etc.
The latest ENDURE compound for footwear is light, flexible and comfortable.
Customers may also use ENDURE for other applications such as seals, automotive components etc.
We use high quality raw materials, with state of the art technology, and qualified experts to resolve your application based problems for thermoplastic rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.
We can customize our compounds to our customers needs.

EVA/ Rubber sheets

Mohan PLC is the first and only manufacturer of EVA/ Rubber sheets in Ethiopia. Our high quality sheets are used by various known Ethiopian brands that have a high reputation in domestic markets as well as in the international markets. Our sheets have been tested in international laboratories and have been considered special for footwear applications.

The specialty of our formulas enable the cellular structures of our sheets to be modified such that the cells entrap air naturally, making the end application of the sheets light, bouncy and comfortable.


Mohan PLC has a state of the art leather and synthetic footwear manufacturing plant. Mohan PLC has already established a well-respected brand. ‘Highlander Shoes’. We have a skilled and innovative team to design and finish high quality leather and synthetic footwear in the following ranges:

  • Canvas shoes
  • Ballerina shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Jogging shoes
  • Fabricated slippers
  • Other casual and fashionable footwear

‘Highlander Shoes’ uses innovative solutions to make comfortable and trendy footwear with the advantage of the backward linkage to compounding the basic building block of a shoe.