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30 Years Of Experience

About Us

Mayur Suryakant Kothari, the founder of the Mohan Group of Companies started his  business with a small trading firm, which he named Mohan
International in fond memory of his late father, Mr. Suryakant Chhotalal Kothari,
who was popularly known by his nickname, “Mohan’. Today, the small trading firm has transformed into a group of companies, popularly known
as ‘The Mohan Group of Companies.

The Mohan Group of companies has built up 6 manufacturing units with 3 more being built, and an active trading firm.The Mohan Group is one of the most respectable and trusted names in polymer and footwear business in Ethiopia.

Our mission is to provide quality footwear. and raw materials to the plastic and rubber industries.
Our vision is to be a global player of repute in plastic raw materials and footwear.
The success of our business is based on the strategy of VALICOR, an acronym coined to indicate the following components:

  • V  Value addition
  • A  Alignment
  • L  Linkage
  • I   Innovation
  • C Compliance
  • R Relationship


Alignment to government industrial policies.
Linkage, which makes businesses sustainable and competitive.

Our linkage creates integration not only within the group companies but also with other industries and sometimes
even with competitors.
Innovation gives us a  competitive edge and value to customers. Compliance with regulatory. tax, quality, etc. requirements. A relationship is a fundamental human character that our company optimizes, to satisfy all stakeholders.
Our larger mission is to be grounded on ethical and moral ideologies of honesty, integrity, and service to the local community powered by 4 generations of goodwill and maintain a company character with admirable virtues.

Mohan Plc

EVA Compunds

The EVA compound granules that we produce are primary focused for the footwear industry in Ethiopia. These compounds are suitable for high quality foamed injection molded slippers, sandals, mid soles, boots, automobile components, toys, and various other applications.

PVC Compunds

We provide PVC compounds that are applicable in diverse product ranges, including footwear, cables, pipes, seals, garden hoses, profiling, automobile parts, etc. 

Rubber Compund

Our rubber compounds play a critical role in important and sensitive applications such as Engine mounts, Seals and Closures, Footwear, Rubber mats, Seals, Strips and Shoe soles for leather and synthetic footwear.

Color master batches

We provide compact color master batches, UV resistance color master batches, Transparent/ crystal master batches, Fluorescent master batches, Pearlised master batches, Night glow master batches

Filler Master batches

We provide PP woven sacks, Blown film extrusion, Injected household products, Injection furniture products, PP strips for furniture and packaging and other PP and PE extrusion and injection applications.

Endure/ PPR Compound

We provide the production of ENDURE, a type of a Thermoplastic Rubber, which can be used in various applications such as Footwear, automotive parts, construction etc.

EVA/ Rubber sheets

The specialty of our formulas enable the cellular structures of our sheets to be modified such that the cells entrap air naturally, making the end application of the sheets light, bouncy and comfortable.


We provide high quality leather and synthetic footwear in different ranges like Canvas shoes, Ballerina shoes, sneakers, Jogging shoes, Fabricated slippers and other casual and fashionable footwear.


Vina Trade and Industry PLC is a successful unit in the Mohan Group of Companies, which
manufactures 'Hawaii Slippers· or 'flip-flops·.
Although many companies tried to manufacture Hawaii slippers in Ethiopia, they could not
face the stiff posed by cheaper imports from China and other neighboring countries. Vina
Trade and Industry PLC, benefiting from its vertical linkage with Mohan PLC, manages to get
all the raw materials locally, enabling it to overcome all competition and to dominate the
Ethiopian market, making 'Deer' a well-known brand in the country.

Nails and Wire

In 1995, Mohan International expanded its wings and entered the steel market by creating
Mohan Wire Industries, which manufactures iron nails and barbed wires. Mohan Wire Industries
is the oldest existing company in the private sector in Ethiopia manufacturing common iron nails
and barbed wires. Today, 'Elephant" brand is well respected and known in the Ethiopian market
for it reliable strength and quality.