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Vina Trade and Industry PLC

Vina Trade and Industry PLC is a successful unit in the Mohan Group of Companies, which manufactures ‘Hawaii Slippers’ or ‘flip-flops’.

Although many companies tried to manufacture Hawaii slippers in Ethiopia, they could not face the stiff posed by cheaper imports from China and other neighboring countries. Vina Trade and Industry PLC, benefiting from its vertical linkage with Mohan PLC, manages to get all the raw materials locally, enabling it to overcome all competition and dominate the Ethiopian market, making ‘Deer’ a well-known brand in the country.

‘Deer’ slippers are trusted and respected for their high quality and appealing aesthetics.

Vina Trade and Industry also manufactures rubber based EVA sheets, rubber soles, rubber sheets, rubber components, and other rubber based compounds that can be used for various applications.